Tails of Love Weddings



At Tails of Love Weddings we understand that your furry friend is an integral part of your life and deserves to be present on your special day.  We specialize in making it easier for you to include your dog in your wedding celebration by providing exceptional care and support.  By entrusting Tails of Love Weddings, you can be rest assured that  your dog will be well-cared for, allowing you to focus on the joyous moments of your wedding day while your furry best friend receies the love, attention, and support they deserve.

What we offer our clients:

Safe, reliable and air conditioned transportation for your dog on your wedding day.
Photography + Ceremony Assistance.
Brushing + Wardrobe Assistance.
Necessities: feeding, walking, watering, bathroom breaks, and waste disposal.
Canine First Aid + CPR Ready wedding dog attendant.